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Prevent corona transmission

Suction-virus air

This device sucking air around the patient's mouth by effective negative pressure and collect droplets caused by the patient's exhalation,sneezing or coughing during the treatment and conversation,as well as droplets caused by water jet spraying of turbine tools and ultrasound of dental scaling during treatment.

Dental Clinic

Covitizer99 reduces the risk of disease transmission by creating negative pressure at the dental unit and suction of aerosols at 280 liters per second during treatment.


Triage and hospital are inflamed points of disease transmission and the Covitizer99 is capable to purify the air of a 50-meter area 12 times per hour.

Corona Medical Centers

Covitizer99 reduces the transmission of the disease by collecting viral droplets from the sneezing and coughing of a patient.

Covitizer 99 purpose

  • Collecting of macro and micro air droplets around the patient's mouth and nose, physician and assistant due to exhalation, sneezing and possible cough due to conversation during examination and treatment
  • Purify and sterilize the collected air from the corona virus to return the air to the workplace

Suction 550cfm 50 cm away from the patient's mouth.

Absorb microbial and viral contaminants through combined filters including Hepa filter and activated carbon and inactivate the virus through UVC radiation without producing ozone.

Quiet, no vibration, no disturbance for patient and physician

Portable, easy to install, washable

Smart control by mobile application

Technical Specifications

  • Model : Covitizer99
  • Operating voltage: single phase-220V
  • Motor power (W): 330 W
  • Engine speed (r pm): 2200 RPM(max)
  • Number of fans: 1
  • Light source: LED
  • Type (UV): UVC-275 nm
  • Power (UV): 36 W
  • Dimensions mm (height, length, width): 550*650*1350
  • Weight (kg): 80
  • Pipe length : maximum 6 meters
  • Hood Mouth : 30cm
  • Filter type : Aluminum-Paper-Hepa-Carbon
  • Maximum static pressure (pa): 600
  • Maximum air flow (cfm): 550
  • Fan sound: 59-63 db
  • Display : Rank LCD screen
  • Wheel : Yes

frequently asked questions

  • what is covitizer99?

    Covitizer 99 is an air purifier and disinfectant for Covid 19.

  • According to the World Health Organization, the main cause of transmission of the disease is through the air and emitted particles from breathing, sneezing and coughing of the patient or carrier of the virus.

  • The most inflamed centers infected with this virus are the virus treatment centers for corona virus patients, offices and dental clinics, which have a very high risk of transmission due to the impossibility of observing the social distance between doctor, nurse and patient during examination and treatment.

  • اThis device with very strong and effective suction, locally and concentrated on the patient's face, draws air and droplets from the patient's mouth into the device and quickly removes it from the common environment between the present people. The air entering the device is then purified by the mechanism designed in the device and returned to the environment.

  • 5 series of filters are installed inside the device which. Activated carbon and HEPA filters are included and trap most of the larger contaminants and viral particles. The air passing through these filters is then exposed to UVC waves and the viruses in the air are inactivated.

  • HEPA stands for High Effective Particulate Air which is used to describe filters capable of trapping 99.97% or more of particles 0.3 microns or larger in size. HEPA filters have been tested and approved as HEPA filters. Corona virus particles are excreted in the form of sneezing and coughing of the patient, mostly with a diameter of 5 microns. Therefore, a large percentage of airborne viruses are trapped in these filters.

  • Ultraviolet waves cause structural changes in the RNA of the virus and inactivate the virus. This device uses UVC LEDs with a specific wavelength that destroys the structure of the virus (254 and 274 nm) and does not produce ozone.

  • The volume of the device is 63 dB and the noise is acceptable. This device is portable and wheeled and can be moved and washed easily.

  • This device uses UVC LEDs with specific wavelengths of 254 and 275 nm and does not produce ozone. In design, the International Radiation Association, IUVA and ASHARE guidelines have been used. Also, a very strong fan with negative air pressure in the inflamed area pulls the pollution at high speed and enters the disinfection device.

  • This device sucks and purifies the air of the desired position 3 times per second with a suitable suction of 550CFM. Also, this device is able to change the air of a room with dimensions (7 * 7 * 3) 12 times per hour in normal conditions.

  • The body is designed in such a way that these materials can not penetrate into the device and cause damage to various parts of it, especially electronic components. So disinfected solution can be used to sanitize.

  • No. Covitizer 99 with a powerful fan draws polluted air into the device from the area of ​​ transmission and minimizes the concentration of viruses in the air with 5 filters and UVC rays and prevents the spread of disease effectively and dramatically. There is currently no solution that will completely eradicate the virus. All the methods proposed in the world try to reduce the risk of disease transmission. The use of Covitazer 99 should not replace the WHO recommendations on social distance, hand washing, masks, disinfection of surfaces as much as possible. All recommendations should be made to minimize the risk of infection with the virus.

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